Friday, September 01, 2006

Kiwiberri Grand Opening

Pinkberry copycat Kiwiberri opened today, and while they're giving away free yogurt all evening long, it's really not worth the gas money or the parking hassle.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love Pinkberry, and when I saw the first signs of Kiwiberri, I was just happy to have more sour-tasting yogurt in the neighborhood. Then things in the blogosphere went sour, and my comment section became a battleground for the Pinkberry/Kiwiberri feud.

I promise I went to Kiwiberri with a completely open mind. In fact, I really wanted to like it, simply for the fact that their location is closer to me than Pinkberry. Bottom line: not only was it not as good as Pinkberry (or Fiore, for that matter), it was actually kinda bad. The yogurt had no depth to it, no richness, no creaminess. It was just sour, then it morphed into a bitter aftertaste. The toppings were awful: blueberries were mushy and tasted a bit spoiled, the mango wasn't ripe enough, and the "granola" was actually Kashi Go-Lean Crunch (classy).

Compared to Pinkberry and Fiore, Kiwiberri's portions are small. Their regular size was equivalent to the Pinkberry small, and at a slightly higher price ($5.00 vs. $4.95 for a medium with 3/toppings), Kiwiberri doesn't exactly bring on the value. Skimpy on the toppings too.

Was there anything good about Kiwiberri? Let's see... they have bathrooms (Pinkberry doesn't). And that's about it.

In addition to the mediocre yogurt, the store seems to be the hangout of an unsavory cast of characters. When I walked in, a group of about 10 hoodlum-looking guys proceeded to stare me up and down the entire time I was in the store. They weren't eating yogurt, they were just... hanging out. Every couple minutes, a manager-looking guy in a Kiwiberri apron would go over to their table and give them all high fives. Hey, if the yogurt business doesn't work out, they can always go back to running drugs.

Me, I'll continue to fuel my sour yogurt addiction at Pinkberry.

Minimall at the corner of 3rd/La Cienega (kitty corner to the Beverly Center)


eatdrinknbmerry said...

I tried to keep an open mind when trying Fiore. The instant I tasted it, I knew it wasn't the same as Pinkberry. J & I were there on Wednesday night - 30 minute wait!

Chubbypanda said...

Kiwiberry should really fire that guy if he's letting his hoodlum friends stare down the clientele. That sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

YogurtfanatiK said...

your blog site is obviously a pinkberry promotional web site,

Jeni said...
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Jeni said...

Hey CC...I'm sorry girl. I know you've been pretty excited about Kiwiberri opening for several months now.

I guess I'm just gonna have to wait for 6th and Berendo to open!

Thank you "REAL yogurt watch" mama!

Brian Gage said...

your blog is obviously a kiwiberry promotional web site that pretends to be a pinkberry promotional web site so that people associated with kiwiberry can post comments so people think you're really a pinkberry operative. very clever. very clever indeed.

but thanks to your post neither me nor any of my thousands of yogurt eating friends will ever step foot in Kiwiberry. thanks for the warning.

BoLA said...

Hmm... maybe, JUST MAYBE this weekend, MS and I can check out Pinkberry!!! *sigh* I feel so out of the times... hahah! Thanks for the heads up about Kiwiberry. I'll pass and just straight head to PB!

The Dabbler said...

Another copycat alert...'gelatoDay Italian Natural Low-fat Yogurt' has opened on Melrose east of Vine. Oy vay. Pinkberry is really starting to annoy me.

zen said...

I agree, PB should get their act together... there is another, Beach Berry... it's in HB, on Main and PCH. The taste is not like PB, tasted more like Fiore, but never the less, I can get my frozen yogurt fix.

YogurtfanatiK said...

I was at the kiwiberri @ 3rd and la cienega,and at about closing time on Saturday Night I saw the Pinkberry owner along with 2 goons enter kiwiberri smoking a cigar,like some korean mafia goons and told the kiwiberri owners to step outside in a very threatening manner then I and about 10 friends witnessed him threatening the owners of kiwiberri with physical harm, The Pinkberry owner said " You dont know who your messing with, we know where you live so watch your back" We, along with the owners of kiwiberri by the surprised/confused look on there faces, were all very shocked to witness this to say the least, I had absolutley no idea the frozen yogurt was such a dangerous business, they werent kidding when I heard there was a fued between the two companies , but man am I glad I sell morgages for a living instead... WOW!!!!

YogurtfanatiK said...

I also overheard him admitt that colleen cuisine is affiliated with pinkberry, that explains it all! they attaack online then they physically threaten you nice business tactics guys real classy

YogurtfanatiK said...

Pinkberry seems to be some sort of yogurt mafia

The Dabbler said...

funny that I got the same exact comments from 'yogurtfanatik' on my blog. Is he really surfing the web to come to the defense of kb, or is he a kb operative? I suspect the latter. Keep selling those 'morgages' (sic) since I suspect your yogurt enterprise might be short-lived.

KT said...

Um ... the owner of Pinkberry is a woman.

And I think we have officially just entered the land of crazy.

onlythetruth said...

It is quite unfortunate that certain individuals have gone to great lengths to slander Pinkberry on some internet blogs. Rather than devoting ones time and energy to incubate a new business on the merits of the product and customer service, these individuals have decided that it’s ok to spread untrue rumors and perpetuate acts of provocation. Mr. Yogurtfanatik-it’s obvious what you are trying to do. You have been a very active individual in constantly attacking Pinkberry with your diatribe and have been very active in other blogs promoting a business you are obviously affiliated with or perhaps even one of its owners. Mr. Yogurtfanaik---- I was there that night and THERE WERE NO “GOONS.” THERE WERE NO THREATS OF PHYSICAL HARM. Everything you mention is not true. Someone put up a “Kiwiberri Open Soon” banner 2 doors down from Pinkberry on Huntley Drive on the porch of a residence.” The owner of Kiwiberry was paid a visit to ask that it be taken down. A JohnBae11 has also been active posting slanderous remarks on this blog? Who is JohnBae11? Oh that’s right. We already know who that is now don’t we? The owner of CollenCuisine is not affiliated with Pinkberry. She is only a customer. She even gave Kiwiberri publicity by mentioning the company in the first place, posting pictures of the menu, and coming soon locations. It was also mentioned she would do a taste test between the two companies. Why attack her too? Why would she publicize Kiwiberri if she was affiliated with Pinkberry? And was it not one of your friends who challenged us to a fight which we wanted no part of? We do not understand why you have chosen to go out of your way to attack Pinkberry. Let us strive to coexist amicably and stop this nonsense. WWJD?????????????

onlythetruth said...


If you persist on taking this path, perhaps the public should know some of the things not taken care of by Kiwiberri before it opened. The ball will be left in your court for the time being.

YogurtfanatiK said...

I was at the kiwiberri @ 3rd and la cienega,and at about closing time on Saturday Night I saw the Pinkberry owner along with 2 goons enter kiwiberri smoking a cigar,like some korean mafia goons and told the kiwiberri owners to step outside in a very threatening manner then I and about 10 friends witnessed him threatening the owners of kiwiberri with physical harm, The Pinkberry owner said " You dont know who your messing with, we know where you live so watch your back" We, along with the owners of kiwiberri by the surprised/confused look on there faces, were all very shocked to witness this to say the least, I had absolutley no idea the frozen yogurt was such a dangerous business, they werent kidding when I heard there was a fued between the two companies , but man am I glad I sell morgages for a living instead... WOW!!!!

onlythetruth said...

Yougutfanatik, hopefully you'll come to realize that the road to true success is achieved by treating others with respect and honor.

YogurtfanatiK said...

Shelly's boyfriend / Partner Young Lee he only looks like a woman, and maybe acts like one, but im pretty sure he's a dude, the one that claims to be an architecht/designer I would love too find out where studied architechture. and also if


onlythetruth said...


Here is the link to Redmango's website.

I fail to see what you are trying to imply. If one were to explore their website, it's obvious there really aren't any similarities except for the yogurt. But look at the way the yogurt is presented. Redmango uses syrups and jelly beans. Redmango sells coffee, lattes, bread, bagels, and soup. Pinkberry doesn't sell any of those items. The yogurt will have a similar taste since it has similar ingredients but the recipe is not exactly the same. There will also be a similar taste between Fiore, Kiwiberri, Yogurt Queen, and Pinkberry yogurts as well but each company has their own distinct flavor. Why does strawberry ice cream from Haagen Daaz and countless other ice cream shops have a similar taste to strawberry ice cream from Baskin Robbins? Did one company steal it from the other? No, they did not. The recipe for strawberry ice cream is well known and each company uses similar ingredients to make their own. The same situation applies with yogurt.

There are numerous posts in other blogs about Red Mango and how the yogurt and the concept was a "stolen" one etc. Are you the one making all those accusations? Do you have any proof? Are you implying that Coffee Bean stole Starbucks Coffee's concept when they decided to open their own coffee shops? Did Robek's do the same to Jamba Juice? Did the same thing happen with Burgerking and McDonald's. This is what competition and capitalism is all about.

It's unfortunate that you have chosen to behave in this type of manner. I sincerely wish you well in your new business venture. You seem like an intelligent person who saw a good thing, seized the moment and opened one of your own in a relatively short period of time. However, it's perplexing the path you have chosen in attacking another company the way you have.

french made said...

My entire office is obsessed with Pinkberry and we often waste our entire lunch breaks getting to, standing in line, and getting back from Pinkberry. So when Kiwiberry opened practically next door to our office we were ecstatic.

Bottomline, Kiwiberry is a poor and pathetic Pinkberry wannabe. I understand the staff is new and kinks need to be worked out but the girls working their were more confused by the menu than I was. And the toppings?! For every one blueberry I got at Kiwiberry, Pinkberry gave me 5. The watermelon was flavorless. Every single person in my party was totally dissapointed and vowed to continue our Pinkberry allegiance!

ns97322 said...

Went to Kiwiberri earlier this week. The thought of not waiting in line seemed very appealing. When I first tasted Kiwiberri's yogurt, I thought to myself, "hmm tastes the same." However, i noticed that the fruit topping didn't taste as good and the granola just tasted like plain cereal. The texture of the yogurt is kinda icey.. meaning it breaks off when you pick it up with your spoon. If you don't have much time, Kiwiberri is the way to go. If you have 20-30 minutes, I'd definitely wait in line at Pinkberry. It's kind of interesting to evesdrop on people's conversations while you're in line at Pinkberry. They talk about the decor, taste, how they can't believe they're in a long line for yogurt, etc. The manager looking guy at Kiwiberri didn't seem too excited either.. coming in and out of the back room as if waiting till closing time. Never had a problem with service at Pinkberry.

As for Fiore, it's not bad. The fruit is fresh and service is decent... BUT they're soooo sheisty with the toppings!

Anyway, would be interesting to see how long this yogurt craze lasts. Reminds me years ago when boba started getting really big there. Does anyone remember Relaxtation on sawtelle and olympic??

Colleen Cuisine said...

Hi readers -
A poster named Franchisee left a long comment that included financial information on Pinkberry and Kiwiberri. I chose to delete the comment because both Pinkberry and Kiwiberri are private companies, and I believe such information should remain private.

Generally, I have a policy of not deleting comments because I believe in freedom of speech (and heck, it's been extremely entertaining to see the immaturity of a supposed "business owner" and "morgage (sic) broker"). However, I will delete any comments that contain financially private information relating to either company.

Also, I'd like to publicly state that I have no association whatsoever with Pinkberry. I simply enjoy their yogurt, just as I enjoy macaroons from Boule, sushi from Nozawa, and french fries from Burger King.

yogurbaby said...

Ok! I've tried Kiwiberri for the first time today. because of this blog.. Taste very good.. just like Pinkberry.. I don't know why people are saying it's not good.. because to me and my wife its good as Pinkberry or it's same. Seems like in this blog is made by PINKBERRY

Everyone stop listing to the people here in this blog... Try them out yourself... and you be the judge.. because to me it's same.....



Don't get me wrong i love Pinkberry and there Yogurt...

little advise to Pinkberry.. There is a competition on every business...... don't have to talk bad about your competitors products specially when the taste is same... it's only making yourself look stupid and a lier. To everyone in this blog working for PinkBerry... Are you guys getting paid for this?????

Here is some adive for Kiwiberri.... Stop fighting back with pinkberry if you keep on fighting back it makes you look stupid too... all you have to say is "try out ours and Pinkberries Yogurt and be the you judge "...... that's it... do not fight back because it doesn't look good....

From Pinkberry lover and the formal Kiwiberri lover......

fishbone said...

what up my name is jeremy i am a manager at kiwiberri i know everyone is all hype up on pb thats great but all were doing is providing a great dessert/yogart for everyone to love this kiwiberri/pb anger has to stop!! so what im saying if you want to wait in line wait; if you want to hang out and have fun do it life is to short to choose sides there here and so are we (kiwiberri) enjoy it while you can
(manager of kiwi berri) enjoy life you only live once peace

3rdNLaCiegna said...

Hello People... I'm the 20% owner for Kiwi berri in 3rd and La Ciegna and the other 80% my best freind owns them... We are just a franchisee for Kiwiberri. It's not owned by KIWIBERRI.... They are just a franchisor... Please Kiwiberri and Pinkberry keep your fights to yourselfs.... Please please leave us alone. We have nothing to do with your fights.....
Pinkberry my partner of my other business knows you.... Jay Woo... please do not bother us ... please bother KIWIBERRI owner not there franchisee'ssss.. How would you feel if KIWIBERRI owner starts to bother your franchisee's... please do not bother us and stop comming over and taking pictures everyday.... If you want to talk to me ask Jay Woo for my number and call me....

Dank said...

Hello folks, I just tried kiwi berri and I absolutely love it. The yogurt tastes similar without the citrus after taste. Fruits were very fresh and ripe. There wasn't a long line like PB and the parking situation is better. I read all of the blogs and there seems to be a real battle between the 2. Mr. Bae, be careful because PB's co owner used to be a kick boxer turned interior designer. Talk about opposite ends. It's kinda funny that PB calls KiwiBerri a copy cat when KiwiBerri has 100% more stores then they do.(and counting) Ultimately, they are both similar, but because of the parking situation, Kiwi Berri gets my vote

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting how most of these so called blogs seem very "AD"like

(ie)" Man this stuff is good Im hooked its the best and can be found at 1234 Idiot St. los angels ca, 90210, (323)555-1212 and they open from 9to 10 and heres some product shots I took before I ate this stuff.

jojo said...

While shopping in Beverly Hills my girlfriends and I stopped by the kiwiberri in Beverly Hills and we saw Jessica Alba along with her entourage there, We were a few customers behind her in line, so we were able to spy on her order, she asked for the Original with Mochi,strawberry and banannas, I decided to copy her and try the same combo, All I have to say is the girl has good taste,

Maile said...

I find this interesting. I don't know who is stupider the people arguing or me reading the whole thing.

I just want an opportunity to Franchise one of these companies. Since Pinkberry isn't planning to build anymore stores this year, what about KiwiBerri????

Doesn't matter really, who ever decides to main stream and grow faster wins this match up. Who ever decides to back it up with some solid advertising and branding wins. And make some solid location decisions. That simple, who cares how it taste alike. McDonald wasn't the first to make hamburgers or StarBucks wasn't the first to make coffee. But they got smart and marketed themselves well. So now it is hard for other startups to compete.

So anyways, if any of the representative from either company are reading this blog would send me some franchise information that would be great. Cost per store, Franchise Fees, Locations, Signage, etc. Requirements into starting would be great too.

With enough advertising most people won't care who came first and who copy who. It won't even matter who taste better, because it isn't about taste but who can market better.

the said...

Kiwiberry sucks, it just doesn't get any better than Pinkberry, well except for Yogen Fruz in the U.K.

pactwang said...

you know how radio and television incorporated the products in their shows, well, I think that is what colleen and some other bloggers are doing...nicely done...Do you know that a restaurant could get a review by paying a pr firm to introduce the critic to that individual restuarant...also a pr firm could have a restuarant listed on the special food section every month for a fee about 3k. mind you, I've never been to any of these establishments, but I would love to own one, if one of them would franchise it.....

huy said...
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Hman said...

Okay, so heres my opinion on things:

Along with the trends, come with the competiton: the story of Pinkberry and Kiwiberri.
Pinkberry popped up to the scene after paparazzi caught some stars eating at it. My real question is, WHO CARES who eats there, i mean seriously i could care less if i was eating the same thing as paris hilton or whoever else. Its the product that matters at the end of the day.
The products are just under preference.
Kiwiberri really does seem like a Genetic brand of Pinkberry.
Pinkberry's portions are a bit bigger than Kiwiberri's and the texture is alot smoother.

To: YogurtFanatiK-Your pathetic, your obviously from Kiwiberri, and you shouldn't try to sabotage their company like that. Mkae your product just as good and just as competive and it'll sell, Instead of expecting it to sell itself. If you have better competition, you have to strive to beat it.

To: Colleen- I agree with you on the decision of pinkberry over kiwiberry, STOP ATTACKING THE GIRl. shes just trying to express her opinion on this blog. If you think shes some promotional site, just check it out for yourself and make your own judgment

Oksana said...

So anyways, if any of the representative from either company are reading this blog would send me some franchise information that would be great.

norcalnative said...

As entertaining as all of these comments are I cannot relate. Here in Northern California we don't have a yogurt war. In fact, I am hard pressed to find any frozen yogurt, much less a healthy alternative worth standing in long lines for. Instead, we only have the self-indulgent allternatives that lead to nothing more than regret, heart palpitations and O.T. in the gym. NorCal is long overdue for any of these mythical yogurt heavens that you all so passionately speak of. In addition, I have been trying to contact, Pinkberry, Snowberry, Kiwiberry and Red Mango for franchise opportunities and I have gotten blueberries waiting for a response. So, to this yogurt war I say "rage on" and bring it to my doorstep.

Nicholas said...

You should try this place on Westwood, its called California sushi and roll. They have this yogurt machine that is to die for, 10 times better than pinkberry i swearrrrrrrr!!!

schlatz said...

However lame it may be that I actually took the time to look this up, I have to point out some glaring misstatements about ingredients and nutrition content:

In response to the post by "just the truth" about the sugar content and ingredients, did "jtt" simply make up those figures? He or she attributes them to the pinkberry website, when in fact the site states that the original flavor contains only 12 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup serving. Extrapolating from that (multiplying by 3.6 for a large and 2.2 for a medium), it appears that a large contains 43.2 g sugar (vs. 65 grams according to "just the truth), and the medium contains 26.4 g sugar (vs. 40, according to JTT),

Regarding the post by "y-baby" claiming that it is made with whipping cream, the yogurt is non-fat, so I can't figure how that one would work.

In any event, in response to both posters, the ingredient list IS posted on the website:

Even if this has occurred since the original post, it is fair to say that no size contains "600 calories, 40% of which come from fat," as claimed by "y-baby." According to the website, the medium size of the original flavor has all of 154 calories, 0% of which come from fat. (The large only has 252).

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Colleen fails to mention that Pinkberry itself was a straight copycat of Red Mango based in South Korea. Pinkberry made it so big in the states that when Red Mango opened, it was never the number one yogurt store.

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