Monday, July 03, 2006

Kiwiberri Coming Soon

Hmm. Does this place remind you of something?

Back when I first posted about Pinkberry, a reader commented on a new yogurt shop opening soon - Kiwiberri. Then that commenter left another comment, and another. And another. It got a little weird. One day, all the comments disappeared, removed by the author and by the blog administrator. And I was left wondering, is Kiwiberri some type of mafia storefront? A side shop set up by a disgruntled Pinkberry defector?

No matter how you slice it, the similarities are striking, the timing, interesting. The signs don't say when Kiwiberri is opening, but they do offer a few pictures. Here's a look at the yogurt (compare to Pinkberry):

As well as the menu:

And their future store plans:

I don't know when exactly they're opening, but you can be assured that I'll do a side-by-side taste test when they do: Pinkberry vs. Kiwiberri, a fight to the death!

Kiwiberri (opening soon)
3rd St at La Cienega, next door to Sushi Mon
Los Angeles, CA


KT said...

It's a death match!

This same thing happened a long time ago when I was growing up. There was a store called "Blazing Blenders" that served smoothies made with fruit and various additions of protein powders, etc. and they also sold things like wheat grass.

Two MBA students took all of their smoothies and gave them different names, and the wheat grass juice idea and the added protein powders idea and opened up a place called Juice Club. Pretty soon, there were Juice Clubs all over California, and then they changed their name to Jamba Juice and now seem set to take over the world.

Blazing Blenders finally threw in the towel last year. I was proud of them for sticking around for so long even though every day they had to think about how someone else made a fortune off of their idea.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi Colleen, I'd give this place a shot. Pinkberry is pretty good.

Hey we have to meet up sometime and eat (and drink with Brian haha). Hope you had a nice long weekend of doing nothing but eating.

Johnbae11 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jeni said...

Yuuuuuum! I have been craving Pinkberry almost every night girl. I can't wait til something pops up more on the eastside. When we gonna hang out???

Danielle's Daughter said...

"Blazing Blenders" begat "Juice Club" begat "Jamba Juice" begat "Robeks".


Its like The BIBLE. Lmao!

* * * *

i won't lie, i'ma try Kiwiberri too. Gotta do the taste test, y'know? :P The new Pinkberry near Melrose and LaBrea is gonna be great though. Hopefully the parking won't be as atrocious as the hollywood location.

Brian Gage said...

I'm there for the PB/KB grudge match...

Two yogurts enter. One yogurt leaves.

WD said...

I did the pepsi challenge!!! or shall i said PB/KB death match!!!

I have to tell you guys I've been eating pinkberry for sometimes and i love it the clean and healthy taste of the yogurt.

Today on the way to my new school in claremont I saw a "Kiwiberri" on the way right outside of claremont university. Both me and my gf were really excited and just had to go in and check it out. I
try the "original" and my friend ordered a "greentea" yogurt. I would have to say original kb yogurt vs. pb yogurt is about the same... maybe not as sweet as pb's.
The greentea flavor in my opinion I think it beats the PB's. Be honest I'm not too crazy about PB's greentea but I actually like the KB's greentea...

The Result: Being a loyal Pinkberry customer for almost a year on the weekly base, I'm suprise that both of me and my gf picked Kiwiberri on the first round. If i remember correctly KB's yogurt is a little bit cheaper than PB's. We both agree KB wins the first round and I will definitely go back to KB again! ( I want to go back to try their crepes, it look delicious)

I think I'm going to stop by Pinkberry tonight for their plain yogurt, or even give the greentea another chance...

KT said...

I'm just going to chime in again and say that sadly, the parking will be atrocious. There is a small parking lot outside that is almost always full and if not, is a fright to navigate.

Luckily, I can walk there!

Colleen Cuisine said...

oooohhhh! the controversy! the challenge! the INTRIGUE!
this is gonna be good...

formosalee said...

Interesting.....Johnbae11 is associated with Kiwiberri.

formosalee said...

Kiwiberri ... 373 W. Bonita Ave., Claremont ... 213-820-3126 (John Bae)

YogurtfanatiK said...

Hey If you guys wanna talk to shelly regarding questions or comments "about the problems she's causing for the west hollywood residents and fellow business owners, she can be reached at (323)730-9889

kushman said...

I just tried kiwiberri in claremont next to my school Mckenna college, I tried the green tea yogurt it was really good the mochi and fresh kiwis were a perfect mix with the tangy/slightly sweet yogurt. But the crepes were amazing I got nutella and fresh strawberries/blueberries and bananna's they top it off with their frozen yogurt its kinda tangy and sweet like the green tea so it blends perfectly with the fresh fruits and nutella.. WOW you have to taste it to beleive it

5:46 PM

zen said...

Hello, I'm a Pinkberry addict as well. I read the LA Times article, sound like Pinkberry is in right position to take off... I have to drive from HB to get Pinkberry. One weekend I spent almost 4 hours (round trip)
driving the 405 to get some...

Do you like Korean BBQ as well? looks like it by the way you described the BBQ places in K-town. If you don't mind, I would like to recommend to you a place in Gardena, called (Hwang So Ma Eul, Yellow Cow Korean BBQ).They do not have the charcoal grill but their food is very good. Their web is;

By the way, you did not mention China Town as one of your fav. LA movies, just curious, may be did not like the movie.... thanks for your time.

GOYO said...

Wow, what a buzz this yogurt trend is bringing. I read the article on the LA times and saw that there seems to be some rivalry between the two yogurt chains. I have actually tried both of the yogurts, KB, and PB. I first tried the yogurt from pinkberry about a 5-6 months ago and had to admit that I liked it very much, but had not been back there since.

About 5 weeks ago i was with my gf eating at a restaurant in Claremont and ran into the KB store. I had the Large Plain yogurt as i did at PB and was immediately addicted to the flavor of rich yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt and my body keeps asking me to get more of that damn good yogurt at KB. Living in La Verne, I go there almost everyday after work to enjoy this healthy treat, and is saving my relationship. haha. I think the KB yogurt tastes great, i am truly an addict, and now I feel like i should take my gf and try the KB/PB challenge.

YogurtfanatiK said...

I tried the ones in korea also, I dont know if you recall but the taste and the concept is completley different, also regarding your last question yes there is a place that serves a all natural live cultured frozen yogurt, its called Kiwiberri, you can taste the difference in quality they have locations in Claremont,beverly center grand opening 8/20/06 , and diamond plaza in rowland heights("life Plaza")coming in October "06, along with California Market Center coming in Nov' 06,,I saw a few coming soon banners in O.C and San Deigo county all opening by Feb 07'

YogurtfanatiK said...

I was at the kiwiberri @ 3rd and la cienega,and at about closing time on Saturday Night I saw the Pinkberry owner along with 2 goons enter kiwiberri smoking a cigar,like some korean mafia goons and told the kiwiberri owners to step outside in a very threatening manner then I and about 10 friends witnessed him threatening the owners of kiwiberri with physical harm, The Pinkberry owner said " You dont know who your messing with, we know where you live so watch your back" We, along with the owners of kiwiberri by the surprised/confused look on there faces, were all very shocked to witness this to say the least, I had absolutley no idea the frozen yogurt was such a dangerous business, they werent kidding when I heard there was a fued between the two companies , but man am I glad I sell morgages for a living instead... WOW!!!!

YogurtfanatiK said...

we also overheard him while they were arguing, admitt that collen cuisine is infact affiliated with pinkberry, that really explains alot about her suggestions and comments about kiwiberri,thats real nice pinkberry attacks competitors online then they go into locations and threaten them with physical harm, Real Classy guys

onlythetruth said...

It is astonishing the great lengths that Mr. Yogurtfanatik goes to slander another business. You know full well that is not the truth and it's another one of your juvenile attempts to spread untrue rumors. You don't think you do more damage to the image of your own interests by posting nonsense like this? Mr. Yogurtfantatik. Isn't it obvious who you are affiliated with and pehaps even one of the owners?

onlythetruth said...


If you persist on taking this path, perhaps the public should know some of the things not taken care of by Kiwiberri before it opened. The ball will be left in your court for the time being

YogurtfanatiK said...

Shelly's boyfriend / Partner Young Lee he only looks like a woman, and maybe acts like one, but im pretty sure he's a dude, the one that claims to be an architecht/designer I would love too find out where studied architechture. and also if


formosalee said...

YogurtfanatiK = john bae owner of Kiwiberri

collleen cuisine said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that Pinkberry bribed the franchisee's of the kiwiberri @ 3rd & La Cienega into purposly running the business into the ground then sell the business to Pinkberry for a large amount.. I didnt beleive it so I went by today and it looked a mess and get this the owner even told me quote " Were closed go to Pinkberry down the street it's better" I was shocked , could the rumors be true , I came to enjoy a kiwiberri yogurt because I like the distinct tangy and clean flavor of it , why would the owner of the establishment pursuade me to go to their competitor, this is confusing and if Pinkberry does business in this manner I for one woould never step inside their store.

Colleen Cuisine said...

I know none of my readers are this stupid, but I just want to point out that the person posting as collleen cuisine with three l's is not me. Yes, I have the ability to delete these posts, but I choose not to because they amuse me.

Tony said...

Anyone reading this blog knows how to contact Kiwiberri about franchising? I tried their website, but it is just an image of what their website is most likely going to look like when they get around to setting up a live site. Thanks in advance.

And I envy you SoCal peeps, I tried Pinkberry for the first time a few days ago and wished I knew about Kiwiberri sooner, so I too can do the taste test.

jojo said...

While shopping in Beverly Hills my girlfriends and I stopped by the kiwiberri in Beverly Hills and we saw Jessica Alba along with her entourage there, We were a few customers behind her in line, so we were able to spy on her order, she asked for the Original with Mochi,strawberry and banannas, I decided to copy her and try the same combo, All I have to say is the girl has good taste,

Cocopoco said...

Dear Colleen,
I am from New York and I finally had a chance to try what Pinkberry was all about. I have to say that Pinkberry is also a copycat of a korean yogurt place called 'Redmango'. My impression of pinkberry was soooo similar to Redmango that I thought pinkberry was an american version of Redmango. I mean, the founder of pinkberry must have known about Redmango because she is also a Korean and Redmango opend three years prior to her firt pinkberry. I sort of understand why she might want to copy Redmango, but claiming that she had invented it? Come-on! The whole Korean community knows pinkberry is too similar to Redmango for it too be an original!

alex said...

Blazing blenders closed for a short while they're now located in Avila Beach. Thank god no throwing in the towel they have the best smoothies in the world (at least any part of it where I've been)

Anonymous said...








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