Sunday, March 04, 2007

Peeps S'Mores

Nearly one year ago today, I photoblogged what I believe to be "the greatest dessert invention of all time," roasted Peeps. No, I'm not claiming stake to the invention of roasted Peeps - people have been doing it for many years - rather, I felt it was my DUTY, my OBLIGATION, to share such a magical creation with the world, step by step, in photographic detail.

And today, dear readers, nearly one year since I documented Peeps Flambe, I share with you the next generation, nay, the ULTIMATE Peeps recipe of all time: Peeps S'Mores.

Such remarkable genius of food invention is rarely stumbled upon while sober. In this case, we were celebrating the birthday of my seen-on-TV foodblogging friend Dylan, who may have been in a state to come up with some really creative food inventions of his own (Iron Chef Sizzler, anyone?).

I'm not sure when exactly the idea struck. I'd hear about, read about, and thought about Peeps S'Mores before. But somewhere between the Gold Mountain, Taco Bell, Ralph's, and my kitchen table, the ingredients and the will collided.

And from this point forward, I will take the voice of the Peep.

Hello there. And how are you? What say you, on such a lonely night as this, so full of longing and anticipation? Dost thou admire my coat, sparkling in a saccharine pink essence? As I sit atop a step of chocolate, I notice the fragile crumbs of graham cracker scattered delicately about. My right side exposed, naked, white. What dost thou think of this discovery?

Such warmth. Despite being skewered, so fragile and exposed, I feel the warm breath of dear Bernzo heavy upon me. Oh Bernzo. Your breath fills me with a sudden terror. You are burning me alive.

So this is how it ends... smashed between the rich and the banal in a careless embrace. Bargain basement graham crackers mock me, and yet I am melting into the finest Belgian chocolate. Conflicted. Confused. Dead.


It goes without saying that the magic of the Peep S'More is the delightful crisp and crunchy bruleed sugar that melts into the chocolate. Yes, it's decadent. Yes, it's delightfully tacky. Yes, it's pseudo-playful gourmet (I'm waiting to see this on the menu at Grace or BLD, complete with a mini campfire for the table).

It's everything I've ever wanted in a dessert, and somehow more.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Colleen Cuisine on KCRW's Good Food

Here's another little piece on Pinkberry from one of my favorite radio programs, KCRW's Good Food. Evan Kleiman interviews Jennifer Steinhauer who wrote the recent NY Times piece "Heated Competition. Steaming Neighbors. This is Frozen Yogurt?"

Jennifer, thanks for the shout out for Colleen Cuisine!

Click here to listen

(thanks Eddie for the heads up!)