Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chow.com Launching Soon

The fabulous and ever-stylish Ms. Lee tipped me off to a new Web site launching soon: Chow.com.

Look familiar?

It should, it's owned by the same people who brought us the new and "improved" Chowhound.com (which, sadly, I rarely use anymore... it's easier to search, yes, but not as much fun).

It might also look familiar it you ever read Chow magazine. I was a HUGE fan of Chow magazine... sadly, one of not too many fans, for the magazine folded before it even really got off the ground. But if you're able to find and get your hands on the Nov/Dec issue (at left), it's a must read - if only for the Turkey Two Ways recipe alone.

I'm hoping the new Chow.com site has a similar feel to the late Chow magazine: it was hip, fun, and slightly irreverent, but still very much gourmet. A magazine that really spoke to those Gen Y foodies - it was sort of like Food & Wine meets Design Within Reach meets Maxim (in about a 50/40/10 ratio).

Check out the NY Times article here.


Jeni said...

I looooved Chow magazine!

KT said...

I'm wary of it. My husband works for CNET and their big thing is more user-generated content, less actual professionally generated content, and less quality control. Right now he;s managed to keep a tight reign on his own CNET-owned website but he says they're always threatening to change the way it works from content input by the website owners/employees to content generated from user input, which would ruin the entire thing.

If chow.com can maintain a professional magazine-style then it could be great, but if they understaff and rely on a lot of user content it could be godawful.

Still ... if they offered me a job I wouldn't say no. Ha ha!

Eddie Lin said...

hey rosie,

i was a reader of chow mag. i didn't know you were the other one! so cool! we really do have a lot in common. crazy!

free for a pinkberry?

Brian Gage said...

eddie - what's up with Snakes on a Plate? I'm dying for a write up!

KirkK said...

Hi Colleen - Were you a subscriber to Chow? I received some magazine called Intermezzo, along with a note saying that it is my replacement for Chow.....

Colleen Cuisine said...

Jeni - we have so much in common... I had a feeling you loved that mag!

KT - I hope that's not the case... I'm not really a fan of user-generated content on a site like that (hello, that's what foodbloggering is for!). If it's a magazine-style site, I want it written by the pros!

Eddie - yeah, you, me, Jeni and Kirk. Circulation: 4. Always free for Pinkberry!

BGage - you (and everyone else) have gotta go check out Eddie's blog for Snakes on a Plate. It's a good one.

Kirk - no I wasn't a subscriber, but I'll be sure to check out Intermezzo (great title for a food mag)

Anonymous said...