Monday, January 29, 2007

Pinkberry Swirl is Official

Like I said back in September, it was only a matter of time before Pinkberry finally figured out that they could make money by sticking the original and green tea flavors together and calling it a "special menu item." I mean, rather than telling people "No, no you can't have the two flavors together because we don't know what to charge you for it and it's not on the menu anyways. Nee-ner-nee-ner-neeeee-ner."

However, I am a bit mystified that this will only happen until February 14th (small print: offer valid until Feb 14th, Valentine's Day).

What happens after that? Does green tea decide he's too good for plain and dump her a** for Captain Crunch?

Ita-Cho on Beverly

So, today a friend of mine asked me... "don't you have a food blog?"

And I was like, "yeah, I think so."

And she was like, "I haven't seen anything new on there in a while."

And I was like, "you know, you're right."

I kinda forgot to factor foodblogging into my Janorexia plan. Whoops.

So, this place, Ita-Cho, is pretty hit or miss. In case you couldn't tell by my utter lack of enthusiasm, I'm feeling a little dining unmotivated these days. What is up with that? Do I need an inspiring new restaurant, neighborhood, and/or food vice? Or would just one good meal do? (unfortunately, I've already blogged about Nozawa... so those two great meals I had this week won't cut it).

Harumph. Bah hamburger. Here. Food pictures.

Exhibit 1: Infinity pool sake. Jump in...

Exhibit 2: Remember that one time when people were afraid to eat spinach? Spinach sesame salad: peanut-buttery-ish. A near hit.

Exhibit 3: Broiled enoki. It's pretty hard to mess up enoki, kinda like it's hard to mess up bacon-wrapped dates. Always a hit.

Exhibit 4: Karaage. Hit. Again, it's fried chicken... did you expect it to be bad?

Exhibit 5: Miso-glazed eggplant. I used to love this dish, now I find it kind of gross. Too sweet, too mushy, like severely bruised fruit. Miss.

Exhibit 6: Maguro sashimi. BO-ring. Miss. Next.

Exhibit 7: King crab legs. Yummy. Bring it on...

How 'bout a little upskirt action?

Tally: 4 hits, 2 misses, 1 near hit.
The end.

7311 Beverly Blvd.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Is it just me, or did anyone else decide to give up food for a couple months to save for one of these things?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Random Snacking: Hannam Market

One of my favourite pasttimes is walking down the aisle of Hannam market and buying the most random stuff I can find. Sometimes you get a hit, sometimes a miss, but it's always something a little unexpected.

Like, for example, this box of frosted cookies whose package and inner wrapper seemingly promised a smily tongue face on the uppermost cookie.

There is no smiley face on the cookie. This is, however, enough trans fat to warrant a felony in the state of New York.

This is a fun little green tea cookie. The package is so cute, kind of like a zen sanitary napkin.

The green tea cookies were a hit... crispy and light with a delicate green tea flavour. If only I had finished on these instead of the last snack...

WTF. Seriously, what does this look like to you? Cause to me, it looks like a field of beautiful daisies where tiny children dance and laugh in the sunshine. Or not.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Colleen Cuisine in the LA Times

Some fun news for the LA Foodblogging community...

Tomorrow's LA Times Food Section features an article on the LA foodblogging scene, plus a great big list of local foodbloggers. Colleen Cuisine is in there - my second LA Times mention so far, yay! - and I didn't even have to talk about Pinkberry.

Oh, crap. Apparently, I am "very fond of Pinkberry."

Well, whatever... I'll take it! As you all know, I'll slut myself out to Pinkberry for media coverage anytime.

The article went live tonight on - read it here. I'll scan and post the hard copy sometime tomorrow.